Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blast from the past: 2pc Plastic Khorne Berzerkers

Definitely one of my first few 40k purchases. I remember painting these guys up using tamiya and humbrol paints.

The simple flat paintjob shows its age and my painting way back then.

Would be really fun if I fielded these guys in a game of 40k today. The scale creep makes these Berzerkers even smaller than a current Cadian Guardsmen!

Do you remember these guys? Anyone out there has them as well?


  1. I remember those. Three pieces if you include the backpack (four if you count the base, but that's a stretch). I think I had one free with White Dwarf back in the day, but don't know where it is now.

    Are they really so small? I don't recall noticing them being any smaller than current (chaos) space marines. It's just that IG are over-sized and always have been...

  2. Yeah I forgot about the backpack. It's indeed a 3pc kit! And I just placed them next to a Cadian to compare. I was wrong. The are the same size. Guess the static pose got me thinking otherwise!



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