Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dust Warfare - Quickrep

Had 2 games of Dust Warfare yesterday with an old friend and a new friend! The pictures turned out with a slight blueish tinge and I have no clue why.

Both games are still at it's introductory phase as most of the players at our LGS are still learning the game. 150AP (this is basically Dust Warfare's version of points). We then dice off to bid for scenarios and special conditions. Very interesting system that is a game within a game. Then start game proper.

I played Axis Germans with a mix and match of the units I got from the Revised Core Set and a few expansion box sets. This is my list:
  1. Sturmgenadier Command - contains medic, engineer, officer and 1 supporting staff
  2. Laser Grenadiers 
  3. Heavy Laser Grenadiers
  4. Heavy Flak Grenadiers
  5. Ludwig Medium Walker
Caught a few pictures mid game because I didn't feel a full on batrep would have made sense since we are still learning the rules. Hopefully these pics inspire you to check the game out and venture beyond GW since there's a price increase creeping around the corner (May 28th 2012 mind you...)

First game was with Ethan Cai and his Airborne. He deployed only one unit which was his Command and they held the torn out 40K building at the top of the picture. I spent 2 turns moving up the field then to unleash multiple shots into the building. I managed to suppress his unit but other than that between hard cover and saves, nothing happened to the Command Unit.

He then dropped his 2 other units during Turn 3. Ethan used Rhino - a jump pack hero.

This was Turn 3 when Rhino dropped in at the back of my lines.
I managed to kill of Rhino and his team but in return Ethan killed off more units than I did. Since the mission was basically Eliminate the Enemy, Ethan beat me by one so he wins! While I took out Rhino and his unit, that only counted as ONE point. Since my units were normal units, they had less survival ability hence gave points away quicker. Hmmm, this is worth mulling over. My Laser Grenadiers actually did very well, removing multiple wounds on Rhino and his unit. These guys actually earned their points cost back in just one phase of shooting!

Holding hard terrain is very important to the game. Being in the building meant I could hardly kill his men. In hindsight, I should have just left that unit in the building and played the waiting game. When his unit dropped, I could just take them out one at a time since I had the longer range. Lesson learnt and the game was fun.

Ethan's second unit dropped behind the forest. This was still Turn 3. I didn't manage to take any other photos from here. 

Second Game was with Shum and he played a similar list to Ethan - i.e. jump packs and Infantry 3 units so they were mobile and harder to kill. Note to self: snipers for next purchase. We played on the same table again but this time the scenario changed a little. Off Table Shelling meant that Suppression counters remain on the units. The objective still was to Eliminate the Enemy.

This time I chose to deploy my army on the right flank instead, putting the tougher Infantry 3 units up front. Ludwig hung out behind to support with his 36" range guns.

This was Turn 2 and I have moved my units up forwards while Shum hugged the terrain piece again. That terrain piece  is starting to haunt me. 
Nothing much happened in the earlier part of the game but towards the end my Laser Grenadiers did their magic and took out Shum's Gatling toting Infantry 3 Unit which he threw into my line.

Turn 3 Shum moved his tank hunters up the field to take out my Ludwig. He moved the rest of his army up  to engage me but the sheer firepower took his units out. A combination of Suppression and lucky dice helped me. 
He managed to take out my Ludwig but it was two units that helped me win the game. Once the Laser Grenadiers removed the Gatling threat to my infantry (first point), my Flak Grenadiers supported by the Heavy Laser Grenadiers was now able to win me another point (second point) in return taking the unit out in the open. Shum then engaged my Flak Grenadiers in Turn 4 of the game but I managed to Suppress his unit with the Laser Grenadiers during my command phase in Turn 5. Shum attempts to remove Suppression and failed to remove the counter. With 2 kill points to me and one to Shum, the game draws to a close in Turn 5. I actually won!

I hope you guys are inspired to at least try out the game. The minis are good quality and the cost is very justified. Go on, you know you want to. 


  1. Thanks for the batrep. Looks like fun; I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow night! :-)

    1. You're welcomed Dan! Subscribe to us if you like it. I hope to but up more batreps as I learn the game.

  2. Sorry Ethan for stepping on your foot... twice! -_-"

    Damn tables damn narrow lah!



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