Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crushed glass bases & Completed DUST: Rangers Command Squad

Just finished up the HQ squad for the allied forces. Painted them up in the red,white and blue scheme. I think the army will look great when all amassed.

Also I decided to do my bases in a dirty melting snow cum urban theme. I saw how most snow flock simply looking very white and clean. So clean that nothing shows through. However secret weapon miniatures had a set of crushed glass flock. Which makes snow look extremely convincing along with its wet look and transparency. So I got an extra bottle of glass and went outside to smash it up. Wrapped in a few layers of plastic bags.

I then applied them with PVA glue. And once dried I applied a thick coat of Vallejo gloss varnish. I think it looks the part. Dirty, melting and convincing looking ice.

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