Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dust Warfare: 150AP Axis vs Allies

Looks like I am going through a Dust Warfare craze at the moment. Organised another game on Monday to play with Ahmad. We chose to play 150AP instead of escalating it to 200AP. I still think I need more games in before I jump into the higher point levels without fully understanding the entire ruleset. 

Ahmad selected the above for his army. A diverse and nimble army. 
This is my army albeit still unpainted. I will be working on them soon. Still learning more about painting tanks.
So we rolled on the Battle Builder and ended up with Off Table Shelling, Eliminate the Enemy and opposite deployment.
Abdullah could choose deployment so went for the other end leaving me with the graveyard. Deployed most of my heavy units closer to the enemy with the second line comprising Infantry 2 units. 

Abdullah on the other side

During the First Turn I used all my command actions to get my entire army forward. 

Abdullah on the other had hugged terrain really closely.

Both our walkers were at a standoff as they were  out of range to each other and we both chose not to commit them. Abdullah however had exposed his Light Walker to me I shot him. 2 turns later that thing miraculous survived all shots claiming hard cover from the crashed aquila. 

I gambled by sending my units out into the open to engage his retreating unit  called the BBQ Squad. In hindsight this was a bad move...
In return Abdullah poured a huge amount of fire and destroyed my Laser Grenadiers and the Heavy Grenadiers scoring 2 points.
Leaving me with very little choice, I started retreating my units, bringing my Command Squad into range of both the walker and my unit of Heavy Flak Grenadiers to attempt to heal and repair. 

With a diminished Axis army and seeing me on the run, Abdullah picked up the courage and moved out of cover...all Hard Cover mind you. 
I shot and blew up his Walker giving me one point. Hmmm, I could pull a draw off?
While I kept my retreat, Abdullah kept pushing forwards. I felt he should have just retreated now that he was 1 point up on me. 
Luck returned to me and I managed to roll not only a heal but also managed to remove the damage on my tank! I was back in business! I proceeded to move my tank up to destroy his unit right in front of the tank giving my 2nd point. Looks I can pull a draw now.
Surrounding me from the treeline, Abdullah moved up his BBQ squad to flame my Command Unit. This was supported by his light Walker.
Abdullah rolled his 3 dice for my 3 command members and 2 of them were hit. I now had 2 saves (Inf2) and I saved one! He could not destroy my command unit and since this was Turn 5, it's a draw!

Lessons learnt: ALWAYS USE TERRAIN. With a longer range, I could have just hung back and shelled him with my tank while he had to advance to get in range (allies has shorter range).

Still a good game and I am liking this game even more! Go on give it a try!

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