Friday, May 18, 2012

Completed: Dust Allied Medium Walkers

I am currently in a DUST: Warfare painting frenzy. And that can only be a good thing as this means more painted models! As with my already planned color scheme of Team America. I wanted my walkers to have a white washed look. So I sprayed a heavy coat of White over a black undercoat and went to work painting in the colors and stars. Vallejo Game Color Ultramarine Blue and Vallejo Model Color Scarlet red respectively. 
Unfortunately I was so caught up painting these guys furiously that I did not manage to take any pics of the process. In short I gave the colored areas a wash of GW's Badab Black. Then using the torn sponge technique of weathering I applied GW's Adeptus Battlegrey liberally over parts that worn see most wear and areas that would be first to scrape off the white wash and reveal the paint underneath.
Here they are completed and based.
I painted all four different turrets to utilize in the game.
A side shot.
Another one.
And this is my army as it currently stands. I'm awaiting my large-ish order from Maelstrom to arrive. As well as heading down to my LGS over the weekend to pick up the revised core set I reserved. I should have a sizable army in no time!

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  1. Beautifully painted minis Melvin. How did you do the torn sponge battlegrey?



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