Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Batrep: High Elves vs Skaven

Ethan is back gaming! Sporting the ratmen, he has lovingly krafted an army of cheese loving monsters! While Ethan is still working on his army, the following game had a few proxied slaves. I played an interesting list which basically had double of everything:

2x Level 1 Mages with High Magic
2x Chariots
2x Spearmen
2x Swordmasters
2x Eagles
1x BSB
While Ethan fielded lots and lots of slaves! So many slaves! So many rats!
Head on over to http://picasaweb.google.com/enrgie/20101205# and go look at the Battle Report.

Leave comments and see you around for more games!


  1. Kill off the grey seer or warlord and the destructive power decrease alot and they break more easily.

    How to achieve that, maybe krom will have more insight. What I can think of is using dwellers casting it on the unit where the grey seer/warlord is hiding.

    He managed to cast dreaded 13 LOL. I seen Jaeroler tried casting the spell on 9 dice (6PD+ 3 warpstones) and still couldnt get it off.

  2. HAHA, thanks for the great game, Enrgie!

    It was super fun! The most fun in ages!

    You should claim credit for the mice victory too, since you were giving me game-play tips throughout the game!

    Frankly, I was all doom and gloom after my Poison Wind Mortar (PWM) went kaboom during my first turn. The explosion killed many Fremice. I seriously thought that was the game in the bag, since I thought the game winning units would be the PWM and Warp Fire Thrower (WFT).

    In fact, they did very little the whole game. The PWM blew up the first turn, and the WFT shot only once before fleeing a charge and subsequently running off the board the next turn!

    Instead, the MVP were the Steadfast Slaves - Ld 10 with reroll. One sacrified their lives to the last mouse, tieing up the Sword Masters for 4 turns, and the other eventually winning the fight vs Spear Elves to the extent of chasing them off the board.

    I guess, 8th Ed may really be the Day of the Poor Cheesy Infantry.


  3. Well... killing off the Lord / General should be the first thing of the menu vs virtually any army right? :p

    The 13th was cast with 5+2 dice. Lucky double 6's came out amidst plently of 1,2 and 3's.

  4. A very exciting battle! Great pics too!

  5. Yup, to nip the rats, you need to take out the head. Ethan was smart to hide his Seer in the middle of his army.

    YC, I didn't bring a Level 4 to this game. It was an experimental list that I made to see if I could tap on the HE ability to do combat and really just maximise on close combat. HE Elite units are superb and I have tweaked this list to 2500. There are things in a HE list that needs to be present. Ethan raised a few good points during the game and made me realised it. Without Templates, the HE army will depend on Magic to take out the large units or at least diminish them. I think I will have to revert to High Magic soon. Flames of the Phoenix anyone?

  6. As Crazyrat said, dwellers on the unit with the Seer- NO lookout Sir for the Seer (and yup, i was relly lucky Jaeroler failed to cast that DREADED spell, my Teclis was in that unit lol).

    I am also surprised that you did not field archers too. Have them to thin down the ranks would help too.

    I am most curious about how the tag-team chariots and swordmasters performed? How many swordmasters do you have in each unit?

  7. Can deploy characters in the middle? Characters must always be place in the front rank when joining unit just like command grp. (small rule bk pg 97)

    The skaven verminous valor rule only allow units to use the character leadership if the character refuse challenge and is place in the back. (It does not allow skaven characters to be place anywhere in the unit during anytime of the game except when refused challenge) I think most skaven players confuse this rule for skaven character placement.

  8. I didn't take the Life Lore although I think they have the most potent Horde cleansing spell. No Lookout Sir and all those buffs do make it a brilliant one. I may give it a shot.

    I didn't use Archers because I wanted to try a combat list.

    Chariots cannot move big blocks - anything above 20 is hard to shift. They just do not have enough attacks to break them. The SM's did well but were hitting units on their own. In hindsight, I should really be flanking his rats - negating his rank bonus and breaking him easier. I had the extra movement but he had the guns/magic = range.

    I have another list in mind that I will experiment with. It's a combination of what I have learnt here and in the past games.

  9. I meant that he put his Seer in the middle of his army (still at the front of his middle block of troops) making it hard for my wider units to contact him.

  10. About killing general 1st, skaven is 1 of those armies that once the general dies, they will start run in masses. Skaven characters are weak and can be easily assassinated. You know why storm banner stop flying and shooting? Flyers (KFC aka great eagle) can easily charge the greyseer/warlord unit and allocate all atks on the grey seer/warlord. 1 flyer may not do the trick but 2-3 flyers will sure kill off the general, thats for KFC. There are stronger flyers out there that can smash the greyseer/warlord in 1 charge. Shooting wise we all know the horror of gunline so theres no need for explanation...

    Armies like elves (wood,dark,high) dwarfs, orges, horny slann all can function well without their general and/or very tough.

    The dice gods will still decide the outcome lol

  11. That's why I like these discussions simply because we will learn a lot from the games. My initial plan was to send the Eagles in to take out the Weapon Teams but Ethan destroyed them himself! LOL!

    Then the Banner came into play grounding them.

    Let me know when you guys can play again. I wanna try my new list. 2500 points!



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