Monday, December 6, 2010

Terrain Day

Thanks to Melvin & Wife, Sam and Ethan for coming down on Sat for our Terrain Day! It was great fun putting together those Lego's terrain! Mel's wife did an amazing job cutting while we concentrated on building those buildings. It was really good fun! The interesting part is just happening! Ethan was so detailed in his tower and you will see his work of art very soon! Each piece was lovingly cleaned and glued. Made me look like a barbarian with my sprue.
Sam stayed back a little and we created a custom piece each! I created a garden piazza while he came up with the church! I really enjoyed detailing the project. They are pictured above - the Church is behind while the Piazza is in front. Need more rubble and battle damage.

There is still work to be done for all of the buildings - namely detailing the bases. I have sprayed the basecoat of black on the Fantasy terrain but am running out of Flat Black so will return to it once I get another can.

The Pringles can has been further detailed while the other buildings still need bases. We'll have to organise another soon! Be ready with your paint brushes guys and I do suggest stocking up on Boltgun Metal, Shining Gold and Devlan Mud cause we will be using them!

Still miles away to achieve something along the lines of this:
I love the detail on the ground and you can see why I want to mount the buildings on a base. By doing that we can etch stone like texture and create a pavement of sorts. I can see our battles looking better and better!


  1. Looking good for more 40K! games hahaha. great idea on the ruin church, for the piazza what are those 4 magnets for?

  2. Hehe, that's the hidden easter egg! Glad you caught it YC!

    What is a piazza without some nice looking TREES! I forgot to take the pictures of our forests that Sam so lovingly crafted. Those trees now work in 40k too. Now that's recycling at it's best!

  3. It was a fun day of Terrain making man :)) Its all gonna look just super when its painted!

  4. nice work, can't wait to see it painted. Terrain days are way too much fun!



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