Friday, December 17, 2010

Batrep: 2500 High Elves vs Empire

Another battle report! This game actually took place before the game with Justin but I chose to blog the other game first because it looked better.

Played this game with Roderick Soo of the SGHammer group.

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  1. Thanks for another battlerep! I enjoy reading/pictures of your games. Thanks for taking the time to upload the pics/battle rep.

    I suggest if you use a horde of spears to use the razor standard or go with Beast magic to get wildform +1S and T. Other that I say go with more White Lions. I have had no luck with Swordmasters. they always die by shooting or weak magic spells. Have you had good success with Swordmasters?

  2. Thanks man! These reports are for you guys! Through your comments I hope to improve my games so do leave comments!

    There is a list I have prepared wi more white lions. I have had mild success wi SM so far as they way too fast. Wi the same list I plan to bring I have multiple small units of SM. I'll play this after the new year and post a report. Keep tuned in!

  3. Hi Enrgie!

    I really love reading your battle reports!
    The photos are good and the battles are really interesting~ Please keep them coming!

    I have some questions just for curiosity:

    1. How are Phoenix Guard? Are they durable enough to be frontline? Is there a better choice for frontline? Because it seems they die quite readily when placed in the front.

    2. How are the White Lions? I dont know their role, are they good? What do you use them for?

    3. What would be the main hitters in your army? I faced Swordmasters before, fighting you, and they were VERY impressive. But I dont see any in your last 2 battle reports. Why not?

    4. Which are better? Chariots or Horseys?

    5. How come you didnt attack the warmachines with the eagles? Are they good vs warmachines? Is 1 enough or 2 are required.

    6. Seems like you dont have shooting. Is HE shooting bad? How about Magic?

    Please excuse my noob Questions!!! :p

    Really very very very interested!

  4. I had a fun Idea, wondering if it would work. But it sounds real fun on paper.

    Since I have these: a Elf Griffon, and some Elf horseys. And since the new Dragon Princes look just fabulous, I thought of making a "cheap" HE army consisting of Horseys and flyers only.

    Is it viable?

    Are 2 horsey sections able to force a normal infantry block / horde to run?

  5. Sorry for the reply! Been away on holidays.

    Thanks for your support squirrel. Now onto your questions.

    I have used the phoenix guard as my main block to hold the line and draw in the enemy relying basically on their 4+ ward. However over the course of the games I have found them to be less than able to hold it out. I planning to swap them out for more elite hitters. They are sword masters and white lions. Idea is to use my spears to hold the magi instead of my Phoenix guard.

    I have however found that sword masters die to quickly. They do require shield of saphery or Wysan Wildform. I have a list wi the MSU sword masters. Will give it a shot this coming weeked of 8th so come and let me know if u can make it.

    I am going to drop the chariots. I find that they struggle too much against the big blocks and the combined attacks just too few. Outside the charge it's useless.

    You don't see shooting in my lists simply because I feel that HE excels at hand to hand rather than the expensive shooting. Also shooting list would be really boring to play wi and played against.
    If you wanna create a list wi the models you have you will find that you don't have the strongest units however Tet will be really quick and it almost seem like u have the high elf royal army units since they are from elyrion and Caledor. Fluffy list for sure! you may wanna pair them inthe traditional HE cookouts as it's the official army colours

  6. You may wanna paint them in the official color



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