Thursday, December 9, 2010


I came down with a bad case of influenza yesterday and took a day off work. Little did I expect that my package of 5 battle wolf mounts from the mail man. Many players in hk have wondered why I am still buying stuff for space wolves when I already have a brand spanking new blood angels army. The fact of the matter is I love the space marine designs but space wolves will always be the army which is most characterful from builds to fluffs to fielding highly specialized lists to humiliate your foes.
Not to digress too far, here are the battle wolf mounts from; As you can see they are rather bland and lacking in detail. What really caught my emotions to buy them are the variations of the poses. The bits are casted in a different kind of resin. I suspect they might be silicon based as the runners can flex before breaking, also no oily mold release agents in the crevices which can also mean the molds are relatively new or the supplier has thoroughly cleaned out the bits before sending. Not much of any issues with the build. You can see in the mock-up fit the joinages are pretty snug. Not too big of a problem here however I have minimally greenstuffed the joints as I’m paranoid about that kind of stuff if I can help it.
In terms of detail I must say these are no match for GW. I feel the armored bits do not echo GW’s space wolf design language. The armor on the wolves does not seem intricate enough. Nonetheless, these models should provide some sort of a base canvas for me to work with converting. I truly glad to say I am fully back into the hobby!


  1. Wow they look awesome!

    Why doesnt Skaven have calvary?!


  2. I hate these (TWC) in game... Wonder when can we see GW ones.



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