Friday, February 27, 2015

Batrep 1000 Points: Hivefleet Leviathan vs Necrons

Had a game with Ralph who is new to 7th ed so we agreed to play at 1000 points instead of the usual 1850. In hindsight, we should have just played one of the Eternal War missions instead of the Maelstrom due to it being a little more complex. Nonetheless, we both had a good time and I learnt a little more about the Necrons. 

I just have to finish painting those Hormagants.

Ralph won the roll off and took the first turn. I did not manage to seize.

Turn 1
I deployed majority of my army to the 24" line as this army tend to be quite aggressive, surging out to claim objectives en mass.

Ralph did not move much in his turn and unfortunately was out of range for most of his guns so I went ahead and started focussing on securing objectives early on.

Scored 3VPs while Ralph had none
Turn 2

I put up some psychic powers and debuffed his Immortals

And surged the rest of my Hormagants up to gain ground 

Ralph charged in but did not do enough to kill off my unit. It did however slow my advance

In my turn 2, the Tyrannocyte appeared together with its deadly cargo, the Toxicrene

Freshly painted! 

Managed to score 5 more VPs
I reminded Ralph to focus on securing objectives as I noticed he seemed to be more focussed on killing my units than accomplishing them. I then found out that he was not aware that he could drop 1 objective at the end of each turn if he found them impossible to accomplish. Yet he chose not to. Ah well!

Turn 3 and 4
The Immortals turned their guns onto the Flyrant but did not manage any wounds

And phased in the Monolith in my backlines taking out majority of the Hormagants

My centre field was saturated. Thankfully the White Hormagants took out the Scarabs and consolidated

Ralph then charged his other unit of Scarabs into the Coloured Hormagants

The White Hormgants then shifted their attention to the Warriors behind my army

While the Toxicrene went in for the kill 

But took a wound for his trouble causing none
Turn 5

Ralph advanced his Warriors up to attempt to snipe my Warriors but only managed to kill off one and do another wound on the back Warrior. The Synapse will not fall!

I advanced my Hormagants to meet him 

But sent the Coloured Hormagants to grab objective 6

Managed to score this 
And Ralph rolled the dice for the Variable Game Turn, rolling a 1 effectively ending the game on Turn 5. Unfortunately it was a complete victory for the Tyranids. I hope I eased him into the game and did not scare him away. 

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