Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deathstorm - Week 2 Mission

Captain Karlaen is pinned under the rubble of an ancient statue. Squad Alphaeus has to hold back a horde of Genestealers and deal with the Warriors and a lumbering Carnifex. 

Will the Blood Angels hold out in time for help to come? 

Ed and I are back with the 2nd Mission from the Deathstorm book which will tie in nicely with the campaign. Pre determined army lists, we dived straight into the mission proper. 

Blood Angels take Turn 1. Only Squad Alphaeus is deployed but starts Pinned. I have the Children of Cyrptus and The Phodian Warriors. 

Infiltrated the Children of Phodia into some ruins

While the Warriors took the ruins

Broke cover in Turn 1 and needing a 7 to charge, rolled a 6. FML. 

Ed took full advantage and flamed them to bits. Beast of Phodia emerges

Cassor then comes in to take out one Warrior

The Beast does one wound and Brother Neil dies. 

The Warriors moved out and into the crater to try to charge the Terminators but failed

And in response, Ed took out the other Warrior

Cleaned house with Cassor the Damned

Fortunately for me the Beast of Phodia passes it's Instinctive Behaviour test and manages to charge Squad Alpheaus

Killing one but taking 2 wounds in return

In Turn 4 the Death Company finally show up! 

But Cassor strides in and kills off the Beast and rescue Captain Karlaen
This was a tough fight for the Nids. Even without the Death Company showing up, Ed was able to kill off my entire force! One bad charge roll and it was GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER! Nonetheless it was a good scenario to play! I learnt quite a bit about my Nids upgrades which I never considered. 

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