Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vallejo to GW Paint Conversion Table

Found this online while looking for paints from the Vallejo range. It is really handy so I thought I would save a copy of this here for future reference. 
So many options, so confusing! 
Just remember that if you are using an airbrush, look for the Game Air equivalent. Their names are the same with the Game Colour range.

Vallejo Game Color Name
Stock #
Vallejo Model Color Name
Stock #
Color Chip
Citadel Equivalent
Skull White001Flat White951Skull White
White Primer002Foundation White919Smelly Primer
Pale Flesh003Light Flesh928Pallid Flesh*
Elf Skintone004Basic Fleshtone815Elf Flesh
Bald Moon Yellow005Lemon Yellow925Bad Moon Yellow
Sun Blast Yellow006Deep Yellow915Sunburst Yellow
Gold Yellow007Flat Yellow953Golden Yellow
Orange Fire008Light Orange911Fiery Orange
Hot Orange009Bright Orange851Blazing Orange
Bloody Red010Orange Red910Blood Red
Gory Red011Vermillion909Red Gore
Scar Red012Red926Scab Red
Squid Pink013Pink (approx.)958Tentacle Pink
Warlord Purple014Magenta945Warlock Purple
Hexed Lichen015Purple959Liche Purple
Royal Purple016Royal Purple810Imperial Purple*
Sick Blue017Violet (approx.)960Nauseating Blue*
Stormy Blue018Blue925Storm Blue*
Night Blue019Dark Blue930Midnight Blue
Imperial Blue020Royal Blue809Regal Blue
Magic Blue021Andrea Blue841Enchanted Blue
Ultra Marine Blue022Ultramarine839Ultramarines Blue
Electric Blue023Deep Sky Blue844Ice Blue
Falcon Turquoise024Turquoise (approx.)966Hawk Turquoise
Foul Green025Blue Green (approx.)808Vile Green*
Jade Green026Light Turquoise840Jade Green*
Scurf Green027Turquoise (approx.)966Scaly Green
Dark Green028Deep Green970Dark Angels Green
Sick Green029Emerald838Snot Green
Goblin Green030Light Green942Goblin Green
Camouflage Green031Olive Green967Camo Green
Scorpy Green032Lime Green827Scorpion Green
Livery Green033Yellow Green954Bilous Green*
Bone White034Pale Sand837Bleached Bone
Dead Flesh035Deck Tan986Rotting Flesh
Bronze Flesh036Dark Flesh927Bronzed Flesh
Filthy Brown037Medium Flesh860Vomit Brown
Scrofulous Brown038Gold Brown877Leprous Brown*
Plague Brown039Yellow Ochre913Bubonic Brown
Cobra Leather040Tan Yellow912Snakebite Leather
Dwarf Skin041Brown Rose803Dwarf Flesh
Parasite Brown042Orange Brown981Vermin Brown
Beasty Brown043Flat Earth983Bestial Brown
Dark Fleshtone044Saddle Brown940Dark Flesh
Charred Brown045German Black Brown522Scorched Brown
Ghost Grey046Flat Aluminum993Ghostly Grey*
Wolf Grey047Pale Greyblue907Space Wolves Grey
Sombre Grey048Oxford Blue807Shadow Grey
Stone Wall Grey049Light Grey990Fortress Grey
Cold Grey050Neutral Grey992Codex Grey
Chaos Black051Black950Chaos Black
Mithril Silver052Silver997Mithril Silver
Chain Mail053Natural Steel864Chainmail
Gunmetal054Gunmetal Grey863Boltgun Metal
Polished Gold055Gold996Burnished Gold
Glorious Gold056Old Gold878Shining Gold
Bright Bronze057Bronze998Dwarf Bronze
Brassy Brass058Brass801Brazen Brass
Hammered Copper059Copper999Beaten Copper*
Tinny Tin060No Equivalent---Tin Bitz

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