Monday, February 16, 2015

Apocalypse 20k points Battle

A farewell Apocalypse battle Marshall organise for Stephen who is leaving the country. 

3 players a side. DA/SOB vs SW+AM/Chaos with each side taking approximate 10k points.

SOB & DA with Warhound, Knight Titans

Space Wolves + Vostroyans + knight titans

More SW & Vostroyans

More DA Raven Wing & knight titans

More DA Death wing 

Subtle shade of grey Chaos 


More pictures after the Jump. Let the carnage begin!

Pictures not in sequence... enjoy.

TWC deployment

Knight titans on the left flank

DA/SOB turn 1 commence

Turn 1 carnage from another side of table

Turn 1 carnage continue...

Death wing DS into the Vostroyan lines

Death wing terminators + Land speeders DS into Vostroyans lines

More Death Wing terminators DS, aiming for the rear

Another view of Vostroyan lines

DA with knights move forward

Knight titans face off with Death wing terminators

Ragnar blackmane challenge Sammael and kill the DA supreme warlord in turn 1

RW bikers swarm the SW + Vostroyans

Flyers engage in dogfight

Vostroyans massacred by the death wing terminators

Knight titans focus of the Dread claw drop pod drop into their midst

The battlefield in bottom of turn 1

Bottom of turn 1 (alternate view)

SW+Chaos reinforcements came in from reserves

SW+Chaos reinforcements prepare to unleash their firepower 

More SW+Chaos reinforcements came in from reserves

SW+ Chaos firepower took out 1 knight titan

Multilators and SW capturing objective in DA zone

Warhound turn around to focus on the SW contesting the objective

Multilators with chain fists charge the warhound and took 7 hull points off  it

Angron destroy the knight titan in a single round of CC. Titanic explosion scatter and kill 3 berserkers. 

Vendetta assisting the ground troops against the knight titan

SW counter attack

Blurry picture...

Death wing terminators rampaging in SW rear

More DW terminators rampage

SW pushing the RW bikes back

Raven wing slowly cut down by the knight titans fire power

Sisters defending DA deployment zone against SW 

Santa Logan Grimnar holding off the Death wing terminators

TWC vs DW terminators

RW bikes holding off chaos marines from reaching centre objective

The game took around 7 hours and we played for 3 game turns.

Victory to the Space wolves + IG / Chaos win with 25 Strategic points, to DA/SOB 19 Strategic points. The DA/SOB would have won if the game continue on to turn 4.

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