Friday, February 6, 2015

Batrep: Hive Fleet Leviathan vs Imperial Fists

My game with Jason the Ripperling (who brought a C'tan) from the previous Necrons Codex did not allow me to really try out my Alpha Strike list. I challenged Marshall for a game. Marshall has been working tirelessly under the guidance of Melvin (Beefnuggets) to paint up his army and it is coming along very nicely. You'll see them in this game. 

Monster mash

I managed to finish painting my army except for one Tyrannocyte that I loaned from Titan Games. Am getting that built at the moment. So I am glad to finally see my entire army come together!

My army list:
Flyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers x3
Dimachaeron in Tyrannocyte
Carnifex in Tyrannoctye x3
Rippers with Deepstrike x4
Rippers with Deepstrike x4
Rippers with Deepstrike x3
Rippers with Deepstrike x3

Simple but brutal list. Flyrants deploy and take to the skies. Carnifexes roll in Turn 2 onwards with Dimachaeron going for the hardest enemy unit. Rippers drop in to grab objectives. Simple!

Contact Lost
Rolled for mission and got Contact Lost, the same one I played with Jason the other day. LOL! It would be good to test my list against a different army. I won the dice off and chose to go first

Marshall tried to seize but failed.

Turn 1
I fly my Flyrants forward to go for the unit of Centurions hiding behind the grey wall

And I managed to take 1 Centurion out

In response the Imperial Fists drop 2 units and rushed their Rhinos up to try to take out a Flyrant

The Imperial Fists get rerolls for all Bolters

And managed to take out the Flyrant at the bottom of this picture

Marshall scores 1 VP
Turn 2
Managed to bring in all my Tyrannocytes and dropped them in the centre of the board to attempt to secure the objectives

I just love this photo! 

My Warlord managed to kill the Librarian (Warlord) and another Centurion. Woot! 

I managed to secure one objective and Slay the Warlord for 2VP

The Imperial Fists deploy from their Pods and Rhinos

And poured shots after shot into the Dimachaeron

They also bullied some Rippers

Dima lost 3 wounds but managed to survive. Phew! 

Imps did not manage to score
 Turn 3
The Dima was hungry so I leaped him next to the fattest unit available. The Tyrannocytes hover closer to units they could kill

Ommmnnn nommmm

I just love well painted games! 

Dima charges into a unit of 5 and wipes it out

Secured only this for 1VP. Total 3VP

Marshall then managed to secure this. He now has 2VPs
 Turn 4
I was losing units quite quickly and Synapse was thin so brought my Flyrant back in middle table

Managed to secure these 2

And another 2 more VP's for a total of 7VPs

Thin yellow line

The hero goes for Objective 4

Suddenly secures 3VPs for a total of 5VPs
Turn 5
Carnage mid table

Fexes moving to engage the Thin Yellow Line

And killed them
More combat!

He managed to secure this

Nothing much left! 

Managed to secure this but Marshall had little left so didn't capture

 Turn 6
Marsh only had the Thunderfire Cannon left so I zoomed both Flyrants down to it

And shot everything at it and managed to kill the TFC

I actually managed to table Marshall! 

Stole these 3VPs at the end
The game was close. Our total VP tally was actually really close

Ray: 12 with Linebreaker 
Marsh: 7 VP with First Blood

Looks like this list is quite nasty. And it's almost fully painted bar that one last Tyrannocyte! Hope you fellas enjoyed this! 

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