Sunday, May 18, 2014

X-Wing 100 Points Battle

After a short hiatus from X Wing, I finally got back into it with Roy at Titan. Flew the Aces and I am impressed with some of the moves those new ships can do. 

This was the list that I played (courtesy of Roy):
Kath Scarlet with Expert Handling, Autoblaster
Carnox Jax with Push the Limit
Turr Phennir with Veteran Instincts

Roy flew this: 
Wes Janson
Ibtisam with Opportunist and Heavy Laser Cannon
Jan Ors with Blaster Turret and Recon Specialist

Didn't manage to take a lot of photos except for the two below. Found Carnox Jax and Turr Phennir really powerful when it came to small skirmish because I could dart out of fields of fire and bring their guns to bear. I struggled with the use of Kath Scarlet as the ship has a large base so I kept clipping asteroids. 

Our ships ready to do battle

Went for the easy deployment
Definitely use Carnor and Turr again. Roy actually suggested a slightly modified list:
Soontir Fell with PTL
Carnox Jax with PTL
Turr Phennir

3 Tie Interceptors and 1 Tie Fighter should be a good mix. Not sure if there is sufficient durability but am willing to give it a go. Would be fun. 

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