Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Batrep: Night Goblins vs High Elves

I played this battle last week and meant to put it up sooner but work took the better part of my time. Here it is. I played a 1800 points of Night Goblins led by Snarsnik against the High Elves of Alarielle played by Dennis Sng. This was part of the Blood in the Badlands Campaign by Titan Games. 

The mission was a little strange. Something that Rico of Titan Games cooked up. We rolled the following terrain. 

Everything ready

My level 4 Nigh Goblin Shaman rolled these up

Deployed most of my stuff on this Scree Slope. I repositioned my Rock Lobba once we found out that I needed LOS

My left flank except the Spiders with Snaggla were in Ambush so would come in after Turn 2

Took first turn and advanced cautiously

Sent the Mangler Squig way ahead to cause as much mayhem as possible.
The High Elves had a few key units which were delayed due to the Scenario special rules and could only enter Turn 1. Since Dennis' RBT's were held back and had to move on, I would not have to worry about shooting for 1 turn. Also his Sisters of Averlorn were still enroute.

Both Manglers advanced 

Dennis moves up the left flank

And in his first turn sent a Great Eagle down my middle forcing me to release every Fanatic. I managed to kill off the Eagle
Turn 2
The two RBT's arrive

In the High Elf magic phase I lost circa 20 Night Goblins, failed my Leadership check and ran, even with my BSB reroll! 

In my turn 2 I tried to rally Skarsnik but he had enough. Back to the hills. I lost half my army and now had no magic defense as well.
Turn 3, 4 and 5
In the HE magic phase Dennis wiped out the other unit of Night Goblins in the tower but they magically stayed

Meanwhile a good bounce roll on my turn saw the Mangler go through 2 units only to kill off circa 3 models

Dennis sent his other Great Eagle down my flank and in response I sent in my Doom Diver to intercept

Another round of magic, another unit of Night Goblins toasted

These were basically the only things left in my army.
I was really struggling at this point. My Reserves just did not want to turn up. Snaggla probably caught wind of Skarsnik's cowardice and was debating the merits of madcap mushrooms. With only my warmachines holding up the game it was really bleak. I had no response to the magic that was thrown at me.

Snaggla finally arrived in Turn 4. Sent him left flank to secure the objective (the grey stone). Dennis responds by sending his death star down my way to magic them to death.

I lost everyone except one Spider! Only Core could capture these objectives so I actually managed to secure a WIN! 
I wanted to give up when Skarsnik ran off the table with half my army and Snaggla just not wanting to turn up turn after turn. However this strange bad luck was also the single winning factor! Going to roll on the Blood Token and Mines table. Woot! 

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