Thursday, May 29, 2014

Batrep: Skarsnik vs Morathi

Really glad that Defeng has joined the Blood in the Badlands Campaign held at Titan. He put a 2000 point force and off we went to Titan Games for our game. 

Added 3 Trolls, 2x5 Wolves to my list from the extra points

I didn't actually bring the NG Shaman so removed him later

Savage Orc Shaman Level 4 with Lucky Shrunken Head
Snagla Grobspit with 10x Deff Creepers (Ambushers)
Night Goblin BSB with Armour of Silvered Steel and Luckstone
5x Goblin Wolf Riders
5x Goblin Wolf Riders
37x Night Goblins with 2 Fanatics and Netters
20x Night Goblins with 3 Fanatics
28x Savage Orc Big Uns with Musician and Standard Bearer
3x Trolls
2x Doom Diver
Rock Lobba
2x Mangler

Rolled Map 3 

Rolled these powers
The mission was an interesting one. We had to deploy a fence on our table halves before deploying our armies. Whoever got in contact with this piece of terrain would win! Easy and direct! However, it does give Fast Cav an edge as they could snake around big blocks to contact the objective. The race was on!

Also, deployment was strange. You split the long table edge into 3 parts and rolled the dice for each unit prior to deployment. You then deploy them depending on the die rolled:
1: left
2, 3, 4: centre
5: right
6: you choose
So this basically forces you to reshuffle your army once deployment is done.

Deployment saw DE on the right flank while OAG ended up on the left flank! 

For some reason we both ended up placing our armies on the opposite sides of the battlefield! 

DE holding this hill tightly

DE made their Vanguard move
Turn 1
DE edge forward and in their shooting phase took out 4 of the Wolf Riders. Magically the last man decided to stay! 

And the large block of  Sea Guard move in

In the OAG Magic phase I used Hand of Gork to move the block of Big Uns up to threaten his objective

While I started mustering the defense around my own objective
Turn 2
The DE were very mobile, skirting around my main blocks. There was little I could do but to hunker in. Should have kept the Trolls back

DE sent the main block of Sea Guard close to my Big Uns to lure them into Frenzy charging them

In Turn 2 I hugged the objective as much as I could to prevent DE from moving in

Failed my Frenzy check and had to charge the Sea Guard

And DE managed to kill enough to force a over-run killing them all including my Shaman. 
It is worth noting that I kept thinking they were not Big Un's in this game until I write this batrep! So instead of Strength 5 WS4  on the charge, I was using them at Strength 4 WS3! My fault really

Turn 3
DE charged the lone wolf so I fled, twice. 2nd flee was from the Hydra (out of the picture) leaving him stranded in Elven zone

Meanwhile DE kept harassing me at the objective but I hugged the objective tight, preventing DE from capturing it

Fortunately for me, Snagla finally decides to arrive so I moved him and Deff Creeprs into base contact with the Objective to win the game! 
Owing to the nature of mission, OAG won! I actually won! I was pretty sure if this game went on for another turn, I would have lost most of my men and lost the game. However, based on the ruleset and the sudden death nature of the mission, I managed to sneak a victory. So very thematic.

In good sportsmanship, we both played on for another Turn to see what would have happened. While the game was decided, we thought it would be fun just to see how it panned out as Snarsnik tries to run off to the hills.

Turn 3...extended
Swung Skarsnik and the Trolls around to set up the next turn charge

Meanwhile the rest of the army moved up to support his getaway, or was likely tricked into it
 Turn 4 and beyond....
Much like we predicted, DE charged in and basically toasted Snagla and the Deff Creepers. I managed to kill off the Warlocks on my right flank and left just enough room for Skarsnik to run off the table! 
If not for the mission, DE would have won by VP. Snagla is a weak Hero but his Ambusher rule has won me 2 games now as enemies cannot react to his unit. I also forgot to use Skarsnik's ability. To be fair, his army really works when you have more Night Goblins and Trolls. These two units teamed up make it possible for him to bait and then counter punch. It seems I need more NG.

Destroying the supply route of Morathi, Snagla quickly scurried off with the Deff Creepers to catch up with Skarsnik. Mission accomplished! 

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