Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dust Warfare 250AP - Shum vs Ray

Finally managed to catch a game of Dust Warfare with the guys over at PIMP (PI Midpoint, not some dodgy bar). I also managed to register for the upcoming tournament at PI Fusio (head on over to https://www.facebook.com/events/338652536227068/ for more details). It's only $5 entry too. 

I am still playing with my usual list but I am toying with switching out the Laser and Battle Grenadiers for  Gorillas and Recon Grenadiers. I still played through this game with the original list of 2 platoons: (HQ^extra radioman + 2 Battle Grenadiers + Ludwig + Heinrich + Heavy Flak Grenadiers + Sniper) + (HQ^extra radioman + Zombies + Sniper). Shum my opponent brought the Heavy Tank (Tick we call it), Rhino + Buddies + Sniper + Recon + Death Reapers + HQ. 

Rolled on missions table:
Objective - Key Position
Deployment - Forced Engagement

His Heavy Tank forced my deployment a little. I put most of my close combatants into the corner of my table to circumnavigate his heavy fire. I wanted to capture his point in his zone. 

Very compact deployment. I guessed it was the hill in the middle and maybe the wall on the picture left. Possibly the containers on the right too

Deployment from the Spy Plane

During Command, Shum moved his Heavy up the hill and that's about it

While I used my Command to move my Blutzkruez platoon up while staying out of his fire range. Dice denoted the spots he could reach. Premeasure FTW

Shum moved his units up into the forest and forgets that my sniper now has a bead to his Grim Reapers on the containers

In my turn 1 I hurriedly pushed up again going for his objectives. I pushed my vehicles left field and infantry right field. Shum just sat in his corner. 

Go go go!

Command takes hold while the sniper goes to work on his Grim Reapers

Heavy Flak Grenadiers now move up to support en-masse.

After taking two shots, Shum moved his Grim Reaper behind the shrubs. He also pivots his Tick to target my Ludwig

Kept pushing them forward

In Turn 2 I pushed into his range, giving him as many targets as I could. I was hoping he would target the Ludwig and that's what he did. I was flanking with my Laser Grenadiers and the Heinrich. 

Meanwhile these same buggers kept pushing up field. 

View from my side of the field

I took 3 damage points to my tank but it survives on 1 HP. Lost it's Machine Gun though. 

Finally moved them up. This was a gamble on my side. I was hoping to lure Rhino and his buddies out. Maybe lose one unit in the process and take them out in return freeing my army to march onto his objective

Moved my Laser Grenadiers and Heinrich on the left flank. Snipers moved up to support the right flank too

A view from the other side

Out spews Shums' HQ unit

Rhino and buddies go to work on my Zombies taking them out. I do no damage in return

In my turn 4 I managed to take Rhino and buddies out in combined arms 

Managed to fix a damage point on the walker. 

Snipers start working on his HQ unit now

In a show of good luck, Shum's Long Tom managed to take out both the Heinrich and Laser Grenadiers. Wow...

Popped out his other Recon unit 

View from my side

Jumped his tropper and Recon Units out into the open to pour everything they had at my contesting units. 

Lots of shots, lots of death. I lost my HQ unit to all that fire.

He managed to take out one of my Heavy Flak Grenadiers. This was Turn 5, his turn. 

I still had one more turn but I called it. It would be a draw
Left it at Turn 5 cause there was no way Shum would be able to contest my objectives and neither could I since my closest unit was the Heavy Flak Grenadiers which was 15" away from the containers. Ah well, Lady Luck did sway quite a bit but there will be another day! 

Good game Shum!

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