Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dust Warfare Tournament - Game 3

This is the 3rd and final game for the tournament held at PI Fusion. This time my opponent was Tim and he brought * drum roll please* ALLIES! 3rd Allies army for the day. Ah well, I was kinda surprised. We rolled off on the Battle Builder and the following was our result:

Mission: Critical Position
Deployment: Advancing Lines
Conditions: None

Now some of you have read the previous post where I think this mission is really skewed to two things:
  1. Large unit count
  2. Terrain deployment
Once you factor these two in, I was at an advantage since I had 11 units while Tim only had 9. However vehicles didn't count, only infantry units did; which we only found out in Turn 2. In light of that we corrected the tally and kept on going.

I wanted to fool Tim into guessing where my objective was. I put most of my rapid response in the middle of the table and my static units on the left except for a unit of Snipers. My Ludwig, Gorillas and Heavy Flak were sitting on the right (2 units out of sight). Meanwhile Tim did a heavy right flank and I guessed it was the ruins in grey. 

This is where my plan swung a little. I initially wanted to grab his objective early by contesting it but realised that the amount of opposition would be ridiculous.

So I pulled all my units back onto my own objective while keeping the apes and Heavy Flak Grenadiers in the flank supported by the two vehicles. 

Cluster up boys!

While Tim did likewise

Then I realised that it's quite pointless so went the safer route by sending them all running back to my objective!

I sent my apes up to scare his walker a little and bought some time for my Ludwig to get out of range. Also worth noting the first 2 turns was full of Smoke which made it impossible for my Sniper to hit anything

This went on turn after turn. I had some advantage here as smoke does not prevent my Ludwig from shooting his tanks

So I took one point off from his tank

Meanwhile I hunkered down to weather the Long Tom fire

This was the end of Turn 5.
Probably the most boring out of the 3 games I played at the tournament but this was no fault of Tim my opponent. Both of us knew that in order to win, you had to play cagey. At the end of the game, I led by 1 Critical Point! Now that is lucky!

So at the end I managed to secure the win for the day! Got a $20 prize for a good day of fun! I strongly encourage everyone to come and give it a try. 2 hour cap per game make it more manageable for a full day, allowing you to get in many games!

A big round of applause for the organizer Lim Jyue and my gracious opponents. Looking forward to playing you guys again. 

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  1. Bully people again! hahaha Congrats on the win!



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