Monday, September 24, 2012

First Singapore Dust Tourney - 22nd Sept 2012 - Game 1

I had a fantastic weekend playing 3 amazing games with the guys over at PI Fusion. A big shout-out goes to Jyue for organizing this event. 

The key difference being the Battle Builder which has Critical Positions and the conditions had Radio Support. 

This is the battle report for the first of the three games I had on the day itself. I may have forgotten some bits of information so excuse me if I miss out on some elements. 

Game 1 - Ray vs Abdullah
Objective: Eliminate the Enemy
Deployment: Force Collision
Conditions: Radar Support

Deployment. KP game so it's kill as much as you can. 

Sent my CC units to the right of my field. Wi the metal crates and ruins, they should be relatively safe

Meanwhile Abdullah moved advanced enmasse

I moved up my units to threaten him. Snipers went to work but didn't manage to do any harm. 

While Abdullah moves his army up, he stays just beyond my Heinrich range of 30" (black dice)

Made a mistake here. Moved my Heavy Flak Grenadiers up the middle but forgot to check LOS from his Rattler. 

While simultaneously moving my assault units up.  

Bit by bit the army moves up trying to take out Abdullah's unit. So far both of us have taken very little in terms of losses

And the jostling continues. Still it is only Turn 2

After one round of shooting, I lost 2 of the Heavy Flak Grenadiers. Long Tom made sure my first unit of Snipers lost it's Spotter. I tried to heal but no luck. He also took a point of damage off my Ludwig

Abdullah advanced with majority of his army hiding in the forest and behind cover

I bit the bullet and braved the fire by advancing my Gorillas into his midst. In return I lost two of the apes to shooting. 

I expected the Gorilla to at least kill one guy but alas no luck. This ape is toast.

Committing further troops into battle, I shifted my HQ unit from Blutzkruez into the middle of the board to hopefully wipe out the unit of 3 Tank Hunters which were threatening my tanks

I lost the ape to a round of shooting but I had already committed my army to assaulting to kept the pressure up. In hindsight, probably would have been best if I kept them behind and just forced Abdullah to move up to meet me since I had the greater range. Lesson learnt.

Rhino and buddies moved up behind the forest and took out 2 of the 6. 

I had lost a 4 of my units including my Ludwig. It was Turn 4 and we kinda ran out of time due to a 2 hour time limit so we had to call it. Abdullah took 4 points and I only managed to steal one. Ouch.
A massive lost to me in my first game and I was obviously distraught. Abdullah had basically played his army well and took advantage of the fact that I was advancing to him. I learnt from this. Watch out for Game 2

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