Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dust Warfare 250AP Axis vs SSU

So this was the first SSU game for me. Managed to rope in Jyue for a 250AP game. I played my usual 250AP list.

Battle Builder:
Eliminate the Enemy
Close Engagement

SSU brought 2 midwalkers, 2 large units of 11men with Commissars, 2 Platoon Command, 1 Sniper Team and 1 Rifle team. A balanced list. Basically Jyue wanted to test out the Battle Squads of 11.

I had no idea going in what to expect so I deployed conservatively. I hid most of my close combat stuff in my right flank as the containers gave them a lot of hiding space. Other than that, I deployed my Ludwig in the most centre position to threaten both his walkers. Held the left flank with my Flak Grenadiers.

Both Battle Grenadiers squads held the middle ground supported by the Heinrich

Both Platoon Commands had Improved Commands hence I have 6 men per squad

Melee all hid in the containers. Deployed the Laser Grenadiers up front

Jyue had big squads and elected to use body mass instead of cover

First salvo took out 2 men from the opposite field

SSU Snipers are deadly with their special ammo. Lost my Heinrich in Turn 1

Continued the barrage

Jyue moved his walker up to try to kill them

Laser Grenadiers fall back closer to my lines. I did not have enough firepower to thin this squad out fast enough.
I am finding Laser Grenadiers to be a little underwhelming. With their higher points cost, I find the tactical flexibility provided by Battle Grenadiers to be a little more productive as I am "forced" to use Sustained Fire in order to get mileage out of them.

I brought up my Platoon Command up to support the Laser Grenadiers

Flak Grenadiers kept on firing into the battle squad. Now only 4 remained with a walker bearing down on my left

I was taking quite a lot of losses on the right flank. The Zombies had already been destroyed giving Jyue 2 Kill Points

By Turn 3, I knew I had to advance to take out his other Platoon Command

After combined effort from multiple squads, his battle squad was finally reduced to 1 man

Now that the SSU snipers were out of the picture I turned my attention to killing off the walker on my left flank. Miraculously it survived with 3 wounds remaining

I pushed up my right flank now that there was less opposition

Finally took out his walker on the left flank

Since this was a KP driven game, I hid my Laser Grenadiers and Command Platoon to deny Jyue the points. 

My army started shifting to the right now to tackle his last squad and walker

Lobbed a few shells at his Walker who again survived. 5 wounds. Tough nuts

At Turn 5 this is what the table looked like

Combined all my fire to take out his last squad

I was finally able to take out his Walker. 
At game end I took 8KPs and Jyue managed to take 4KPs from me. An interesting game with a totally different dynamic since SSU utilised more bodies than the Axis or Allies. A good learning experience.

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