Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bridging Painting Standards for 6th edition 40k - Dark Angels Ravenwing

A few years ago I bought some painted ravenwing from a friend. At that time, I had first really seriously gotten into warhammer and had no conceptualization of how to paint minis. After I learned a few new tricks, I decided to "update" the existing paintjob to the standard I normally do my models for a coherent look. Since these models are pre-painted to the primary colors already, its a perfect canvas to begin with! I appled hightlights to define the black contours, picked out the red weapons/casings to match my army along with the boltun metal pauldron edges also to match the existing look. I've got to say with the already great detail which emphasized on display screens and buttons. Wear and tear damage also added, I wanted these bikes to look dirtied and put to use. I think the newly added paint-job update brought out a depth of field for these models. Thanks for viewing!


  1. More please! How many points are you targeting? Also how many points are you guys playing at these days?

  2. Thanks guys!!! I got tired of painting green and switched over to black for a bit. For ravenwing, i still got the following to do:

    x14 bikes
    x3 attack bikes
    x3 landspeeders

    My goal is to try and get these done before the end of July. Not too sure on the points value at this point.



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