Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warhammer 40k - Test Drive

This is not the usual batrep that I usually do. I was itching to play the new 40k with my Tyranids and Abdullah was keen too so we took 1750 each and put together our armies. We spent quite a lot of time looking at the rulebook to check on the rule changes. I used my SporeCon2011 list to keep it simple while Abdullah used his usual list. 

So without knowing what to expect, here is the report. 

Rolled on missions and we got 5 Objectives and side ways deployment. 

Sideway deployment. I pushed forward as far as I could to get to Abdullah

Omm nomm nomm

Abdullah's deployment

First Turn I pushed forward into cover. 

Both Tervigons spewed a few Gants and then got jammed! On the first turn. Booo

So I threw this unit forward to hold off my left flank. 

In return Abdullah moved up my right flank and proceeded to take out my small unit of Gants. He earns First Blood (i.e. 1VP)

While I keep using the Hive Guard to remove more of his bikes. 

I do love the new vehicle rule which gives me a strong chance to remove vehicles much easier now. Each vehicle has 3 Hull Point and each Glancing Hit removes a Hull Point. So now I could just glance glance glance and BOOM! I took out his Rhino and left a crater. In my Turn 2 I took out his Landspeeder leaving another crater.

Turn 2 and my Genestealers arrive on the left flank. New Reserves rules does not allow them to assault on the turn they arrive. So I had to hang around while Abdullah moves up to kill them. Wow...Genestealers are now very weak.

My right flank being weaker I start channeling them to the right. 

In Assault Abdullah took out the Genestealers. He even declined my challenge! 

Abdullah destroys both Gant units but opened up the path for my Tyrant to charge.

Assault rules has changed a lot but I still managed to roll high enough to engage his unit. 

Took out majority of his unit and in return Abdullah managed to take out my Tyrant Guard. Good combat for me

End of Turn 3 and this was what was left. I held 3 Objectives while Abdullah held onto one.
We had to call the game here because Abdullah had to go for a movie and I had to pack for dinner. Still was a good intro for me to get back into the game. I need to read up on the new rules to also help make games quicker. Look for more to come!


  1. Awesome game man... GO DARK ANGELS!!! hahahaha he declined you challenge... I'm suprised he didn't alpha strike you.

  2. You fan boy. Lol

    Quite a few changes but nothing much was bad for me though. Vehicles are much easier to kill now. Phew!

    Gimme a HK batrep

  3. I think we're doing an apocalypse game coming sat if no one flakes out. You're absolutely right with the hull points. It was kinda silly have a rhino immobilized, all weapons gone and still alive after a lascannon has hit it 3 times with the same results. I def think stripping down hull points makes more sense. Equally tho, I can see dreadnoughts a bit more survivable.


  4. come to think of hull points, when we played in hk in 5th ed, i always remember buying an extra storm bolter for my rhinos to sorta give it an extra "hull point". I remember the rhino funneling walls of death for your little bugs... hahahaha



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