Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soviet Spetsnaz Platoon. More painted FOW units.

I'm in a FOW painting Mood recently so I spent some more time painting up more soviet infantry.

This time I focused on the soviet Spetsnaz platoon. They are the most elite warriors within the Red army. Think of it as the SAS special squad of Russia. Only with even more tenacity!

And more importantly they are a recon unit, and in my tank army they will be able to make a free 16" move as well as pull along another tank unit with them. This effectively gives that one extra tank unit an additional 16" deployment. Very vital especially in Version 3 Flames of War where the soviet tanks are seriously nerfed with the new "Hens & Chicks" rule.

And yes, the platoon moves around in captured German Halftracks. Making them move around undetected. Sneaky bastards indeed!

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