Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deathwing Storm Eagle Kit-bash/Conversion for 6th Edition Dark Angels

My storm eagle project has been on hold for a couple of months. I think at that time, I wanted my conversion to be all encompassing filling the roles of both storm raven and storm eagle. After studying the design of the thunder hawk, I wanted my storm eagle to derive of the same design as much as possible. Obviously the hull has been extended to match the forgeworld version. Since the air intake has been moved towards the rear, I used the forgeworld Damocles pattern rhino’s top hatch/sensors to bridge in the gap. I’ve always thought the servitor mounted turret from the storm raven made the flyer appear a bit bulbous for my liking. The boom of the aircraft has been placed on top of the rear hull to connect the profile lines of the vengeance missile launcher. The main wings have also been reversed to give it a sleeker feel. The lascannons from my storm talons have been modified to fit into the missile housings from the original storm raven kit. Also, the front wings under the cockpit have been added to mimic those found on the thunder hawk predecessor. The front light housings have been left unassembled as those will be embedded with LED’s. All major structural mods have been done. I will continue to add dark angels details and bling as I paint. The storm eagle was base coated black followed by an airbrushed layer of hull red as a foundation tone. Bleached bone was then airbrushed on top as the mid-tone. Panel lines were than picked out with devlan mud wash. I will proceed with highlights, other primary colors and battle damage soon. Thanks for viewing guys!


  1. This is beautiful. Much better than the crap GW made. Really nice Jay. How many hours did it take you?

  2. Thanks dude. Actual work on the model inclusive of painting wasn't that much... probably around 10 hours I guess? I can't remember cuz a part of it was done when I was drunk. Came home after beer pong on sat night, woke up the next day and saw my airbrush station all set up and the model was bleached bone colored. I guess for conversions, more time was spent on dry fitting different pieces to get the best look as you are designing as you go. This is by far the biggest 40k model I've worked on.



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