Friday, July 6, 2012

Battle Report: Dust Warfare 200AP with Abdullah at PIMP

I love my life. Had a 200AP game with Abdullah on Monday at PI Midpoint for our regular Dust Warfare night. Did not change my list so kept to the original 200AP. 

Mission: Eliminate the Enemy
Deployment: Close Engagement

Hugged the ruined building on my right flank. Hid my Sniper here as well. Heinrich supporting the unit while I placed the Command behind to provide heals. Laser Grenadiers for defence

Took the forest on my left flank while I deployed my Ludwig in the open to attempt to take out his light walker.

First shot of the game and one kill. Love snipers

Shuffled my unit forward but no luck with the range.

Heinrich took some shots and removed one from the unit across

I forgot to target his walker in the open in Turn 1 so Abdullah took one wound off . In return I blew his walker apart.

By Turn 2 I had managed to destroy most of his army. He dropped his British Paratroopers behind my lines but I took them out in one turn of shooting. By turn 3 Abdullah had little in his army that could damage me and I was advancing on his lines pretty quickly. He called the game. 
Caveat: The following battle took place with too little terrain. The 25% that FFG suggested is a requirement as Axis excels at killing from range without cover. We played with about 15% of the table.

I am getting quite a strong hand on this game. Germans have strong command over the range game and whittling Allies out early is the right strategy. However once they close in, you will need to have something to counterpunch. I have another list in mind with some Zombies. Will give it a try next week. 

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