Monday, January 9, 2012

New Stuff: Vampire Counts

Was at the store yesterday to pick up my White Dwarf and then I stumble on the new shiny stuff! I love GW products. Just wish it was cheaper. I had always toyed with the idea of a VC army but time and money kept me at bay. Sick miniatures! 

Hot flying bats!


  1. Do what I do, buy all your rank and file troops, aka ghouls, skeletons, grave guard and zombies from mantic where if you buy in mass models cost from the warstore cost around 70 bucks for 110 models and aqll the special calvary and heros from GW.....I bought my 3000 points for under 200 dollars and its fairly tournament friendly

  2. I considered this as well. I am very tempted to do it and just go with a quick shade technique to paint up al cheapo zombies. Probably get the book to study the units.

  3. I am actually a little sad that many has a fixed mindset that Mantic miniatures are simply cheap alternatives that don't deserve attention.

    Seriously their stuff is just as good if not better. Of course not everything but it's just sad that we compare them too unequally. Please tell me honestly GW's zombies look good? Mantics zombies are way better by a mile. If GW released zombies like that I would buy them too.

    Seriously, Mantic is not cheap. GW is simply way overpriced. That's a more accurate equation I think.

    I already bought a lot of mantics undead. And they are definitely gonna be in my VC army!

  4. I do agree that GW stuff is overpriced but their current miniatures do tower over Mantics. I agree that GW Zombies pale compared to Mantics but they are 14 years old! LOL ah well.

  5. hi guys, new Fantasy player in HK here and starting with this new VC release. I managed to snag some skellies, ghouls and zombies and am busy bringing them back from sprue undeath.

    I've been reading your thread with interest about Mantic Miniatures, would anyone know if they are available in HK?

    Any chance of a small newbie game? :)

  6. HK does not carry Mantic miniatures. The best bet really is to get them online at or alternatively Wayland Games. Those are the cheapest sources.

    Most of us are actually based in Singapore now. You may want to contact Jason who is one of the Authors on this blog.



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