Monday, January 23, 2012

FoW Soviet Tankovy all painted up!

In Singapore it's the Chinese New Year Festive period. That means a very long weekend of holidays and I sure ain't gonna let those precious free time go to waste! I set the deadline and kept to it. Now I have a fully painted Flames of War Soviet Tank Company to play with!

This army consist of 20 x T-34's, with the Plastic Soldier Company miniatures I am able to have the option of both 76 & 85mm turrets. Which is great. This should be a nice 1500pts army to mess around with. (*included in the pics are 2 x KV-1 tanks which were my test models)

One of the strangest (not sure if the term here is appropriate) but I have not yet played a single game of Flames of War yet. And here I stand with a fully painted army all ready to start. It is a great feeling I must say. Normally it's the other way around!

Well enough of my rambling please enjoy the pics of my tanks and hope you will appreciate the fruits of my labor!

1 comment:

  1. 20 tanks in 1500pts?
    Wow, that's a lot.

    Anyway, very nice looking tanks you got there.



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