Thursday, January 5, 2012

WIP: Mangler Squigs

Just finished construction of a very precarious model. It's my first Finecast model and I was pleasantly surprised at it's quality. There were some mould lines but I can see thought went into making sure those lines were pointing away from the top or visible areas.

This model is large and quite tall. As you can see above, the models towers over the Night Goblin on the base and paints in the background. Finecast allows this model to stay on top of each other without falling over so thumbs up GW. Only wish it was cheaper though. Almost 1 GBP per point. Yikes!

Other than that, this model is awesome. Lots of details and if you look carefully, each of the Night Goblin were actually glued in place. So were the chains. I am worried about transporting this miniature.

However, it is one really dynamic piece and I do love the model. Looking forward to painting it soon! 


  1. The Squigs look really detailed! And huge!

  2. Yeah, they are very very large! You will be facing 2 of these during our ABOE! LOL



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