Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PSC 15mm Soviet T-34 tank build up and review

Well the is the first proper post on our blog in regards to FoW. And I'm excited at the prospect of jumping into this great game!

Many of you into FoW would have head of the Plastic Soldier Company. This is a relatively new historical miniature company producing many great miniatures not only for 15mm but for 20mm and 28mm WW2 stuff as well.

Here I embark on the ambitious task of building the core of my Soviet Tank Company. 20 of the famous T-34 tanks. One of the main reasons why this company is so revered by the FoW community is mainly because of the fact that the are plastic (who doesn't love their plastic crack?). Are half the price compared to Battlefront miniatures. And sporting much sharper details and crisper sculpts.

They also come with 2 turrets for the tank. Essentially doubling the number of tanks for gameplay. I now have 40 options to play with.

I do not have a Battlefront mini to compare with but I have seen many in the flesh and I can say that the PSC offerings are definitely much more sharp in details.

Although I must add that building them up is an extremely tedious process due to the many many parts required to built each tank.

Factory production line.

All in all as many have said I would highly recommend this to anyone starting their Soviet tank force. You just can't go wrong with this.

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