Friday, May 12, 2017

More Ten Thunders Reinforcements and Shenlong

In light of her success with the Fermented Monk in the Henchman Hardcore we played, I broke out the box and started putting them together. Gotta say I like the Jackie Chan vibe Wyrd got going there. 

Drunken kungfu! HIC

Put some touches on my existing models too.
 Headed out to Card Geeks to pick up some loot!
New Master is always cool. Got it on my painting desk now
Have been painting ShenLong's crew for awhile now and I have been wanting a game with him. As I am still very unfamiliar with the Master, I decided to play a 35SS game instead. Eugene was kind enough to tutor me in the ways of the Temple.

I was planning to using my Mighty Gust and Airburst to push all my High River Monks up into the centre early game

Which I did but left them a little out of position

Only to be beaten and mostly denied! 
I think I lost by a wide margin at the end of the game and we played till Turn 5. It was a sad day for the Temple.

But great learning opportunities! I do need more games with the crew to get a better sense of his abiliities. Switching between the upgrades seem to be the most critical part to get right. 

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