Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ABO BBQ and Malifaux

Melvin graciously hosted us previously when we were seeking a place to play and we turned it into a BBQ instead. 

Down and dirty to eating! 
Most of the boys played Magic that evening but Sam and Ai played a small Henchman Hardcore game.
Ten Thunders vs Resurrectionist 
Twas a good day.

Wife and I got home and decided to play Malifaux the next day in preparation for the next Henchman Hardcore tournament coming up.

First game with some variables in my crew

While the hard hitters moved up to engage 

It was punch and counter punch

Outcasts seemed better at killing

Hilarious flip

After a few rounds, Ai conceeded
Ai redrafted her list and came up wit the one below
I stuck to my original crew and proceeded to damage her crew with prejudice
Interestingly enough, she actually took out the books and asked me to find the hardest hitting characters! I have created a monster!

Stay tuned as we play another practice game 

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