Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Misaki Gets Reinforced and Inspiration from South Africa

The Outcast get some help

And so did Misaki! 

Ms Black Teeth, Ohaguro Bettari!

Asami comes into fray
While those minis dried by the table, I was fortunate enough to journey out to South Africa. With Malifaux fresh on my mind, I found things that were interesting for our hobby!
Our guide found the remnant of some Wildebeast on the first night we were driving about.

And while walking around the campsite, I found a very glaring Malifaux reference
I have also been struggling to find a way to make my Malifaux bases more interesting as Asia seldom have many examples of cobblestone streets, pavements etc.

Interestingly enough, there were ample examples while walking around Cape Town. Whipped out the camera and took samples home!

Such random coloration

With moss and finer detail

Here's a great way to add detail to your bases, leaves and drains

Examples of how cobblestone can meet plantlife and soil

Ended up staying at a 100+ year old mansion while I was at Stellenbosch, doesn't this just yell Malifaux?
I'm back and looking forward to putting these things I've learnt to good use on my models, especially the cobblestone!

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