Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hobby Craft: Cheap Paint Agitators

So just sharing a hobby tip today.

Cheap Paint Stirrers/ Agitators

so basically I bought these off ebay as I wanted to make ork 'spannerz boyz', great idea, except that when the spanners arrived they were too hard to cut and fit into my ork boy hands.
so fast forward, I was annoyed with stirring paint in my jars, ball bearings and any uniformly shaped objects DONT work well because of laminar flow around the ball. Then I remembered that I had these in the house and also because of the silver plating, these wont rust nor will they be coated in oil, like how ball bearings are.

So I started dropping 1 wrench into my GW pots and Vallejo bottles.

Now 6 months later, I've almost finished my entire packet of mini spanners. and looking back, using a paint stirrer has helped my painting TREMENDOUSLY.

Try it. wont regret.…/14876-80PCS-Silver-Vinta…/311432997619?

(note: I still washed in soapy water all the wrenches first before using, to remove any oils etc, I'm kiasu that way)

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