Sunday, May 28, 2017

Henchman Hardcore Tournament May 2017

Samuel together with Card Geeks organized another Henchman Hardcore tournament for the local players. This time we managed to gather 10 players. 

I brought Rusy Alyce, Johan, Strongarm Suit and Desperate Mercenary. Ai brought Ottotto, Jorugumo, Lone Swordsman and a Clockwork Trap. We both built the lists based on how hard they could hit considering Henchman Hardcore tend to encourage face beating. 

My first opponent was Patrick. His list was one that made mine Slow. Really slow. He eventually made a gamble (which we felt he didn't have to) to try to take out Alyce. Unfortunately for him, I managed to score a Red Joker and proceeded to take his Leader down to more than half, awarding me an additional 1 point and drawing the game. 

4-4 draw. Patrick was berating himself for awhile! LOL

My crew posing near the tents

Ai's list take on Eugene's list. It was a hilarious game with them tying for 2-2
 I ended up drawing against my wife for Round 2. It was like we have practiced!
Ai managed to take down my Desperate Merc early game but in return I killed off the Swordsman. We drew 2-2
I ended drawing against XY for Round 3. He brought an Aionius list but this time with a massive beater in the form of the Nothing Beast. His plan was interesting. Throw the transparent crew forward and nullify my lines.

Unfortunately for him, I took out his Void Wretch early and then did a bit of wounds on the Nothing Beast. However, it managed to do some massive return hits and took my Strongarm Suit down.

While he failed to kill off Alyce, I fluffed by flips against Aionius who limped away with 3 wounds.
It was a draw for 3-3 
It seemed like I could not get a break. I was drawing the whole day! Every game! LOL
Just another beauty shot of my crew. 

In the Final Round I was teed up against Ed who had just gotten into the game. I have never fought against the Gremlins before this and had no idea what to expect so lined up as per normal. He had a Peon so I knew I had the model advantage for the Strategy.

In a stroke of strategic genius, Ed split one of his Wild Boars out to my flank (it has a 9" threat range) and in one activation managed to kill off my Strongarm Suit!! However, a oversight by Ed left one of his models outside the 6" reach from the token, allowing me to claim it. I also managed to bring his Leader down to half wounds, giving me another point for a 3-1 win.

Albino pigs! 
At the end, Derek won the first prize but went for the Limited Edition Sonnia card. Eugene came in second but couldn't decide what prize to pick, allowing Patrick to go for the large mystery box.

And it's Jack Daw Transparent! 
Patrick had just purchased a set like this from Samuel a couple of weeks prior to the tournament! LOL! He then offered to sell it to me for $50 and I took it. I have been considering buying this set any way and now that it's here, why not!

In all, everyone got what they wanted and unfortunately there was no Best Painted -- the one prize I always go for. Next tournament then!

It's going to be 50SS full crew in 2 months!

See you fellas around for that one! 

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