Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Altansar Wraithknight WIP

GW has made an exquisite kit with the Wraithknight. It is just brimming with details and I really love how the kit came together. This is in direct contrast to the FW Revenant Titan that I am building concurrently. Plastic is definitely an easier material to work with. Also, less poisonous. Considering the price of 3 Wraithknights are equal to one Revenant and you can play both in Apocalypse, do consider getting 3 of them! That's what Sam did

I didn't take many pics during the actual construction but I took some at the end to show the magnetization I have done to the Wraithknight. It comes with quite a number of good options and I would like to have those options when I play. 

Shoulder mounted cannons have been magnetized similar to my War Walkers so I can use the Scatter Lasers for both model kits. I used Greenstuff to create a base to which I then insert the magnet into, creating a flush vent. In 6th Ed, I doubt I will be fielding the Wraithknight with the Scatter Lasers much. Still it's good to have the option.

Arm sockets are hidden so I could be a little messier

Both arm sockets with the mandatory greenstuff

I trimmed off the stud and glued both pieces together creating one long shield which made more sense to me. I see the shield fanning open in my mind as the Wraithknight flicked his left hand

The other left arm with magnet

Right arms with magnets 

Knight with twin linked wraithcannons (likely mode I will run him in)

The stoic defender mode

Suncannon mode

The model has been based with sand and is ready to prime. All magnets are in place. Just waiting for the greenstuff to cure over 24 hours and I am ready to prime. I actually reposed the head after these series of pictures to give it a slight tilt to the left as if he is scanning the horizon. It just felt more dynamic. 

You'll also spy the legs of the Eldar Revenant Titan at the background of the last picture. My progress slowed a little when the model came apart at the torso when I was drilling the ankle joint. I had to go back and drill holes and insert pins into all sections. 

Stay tuned. 

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