Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eldar 1850 Army WIP

This is fresh off the game I had with Patrick on Sunday. I thought I would share my works in progress including those I have completed. The game with Pat has also shown me that this list may not be competitive enough if I am serious about contending for podium. 

Do bear in mind this is a work in progress and that I will change out stuff in my list as I play more games and gear myself up for the September GREX 40k Invitationals. 

5 Dire Avengers and supporting Serpent armed with Twin Linked Scatter Lasers and Shuriken Cannon

Farseer Turendas


Jetbike Squad Mear

I do need those Altansar runes to complete the canopies

War Walkers - currently on my table and is being detailed

Farseer Firanir

Jetbike Squad Geir

Both squads Seir and Geir waiting for their Guardian riders

Jetbike Squad Seir

Warp Spider squad Iyalith

Close up of the Spiders

Warp Spider squad Quan

Guardian Squad Addan

Guardian Squad Bennan whose armour need to be redone
The astute among you will notice that some of the models (i.e. Squad Bennan above) are quite different from other parts of the army. It's because I painted them 10 years ago and am in the process of updating them. I will repaint them once I complete the Wraithknight and War Walkers as this will allow me to field this army at PI, one of our LGS which imposes an All Painted or No Play rule.

A part of me also wants to do touch-ups on the Spiders for the contrast between the armour and mesh suit seem to be missing. A simple thinned down black wash and then highlighted back up to purple. Right after the Wraithknight! 

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