Monday, February 24, 2014

X Wing 2014 Store Championships - Singapore

Yesterday was probably one of the largest turnout of players for X Wing the Tournament in a long time. Granted I have only been to 3, but it was massive. So large that we had a Swiss format at the end. We had to play 3 qualifiers, 1 at Quarter Finals and 1 more at Finals. 

I brought my Swarm list and qualified to the Quarter Finals (Top 8). Finally lost out through elimination to Wiloon who went on to get the 2nd place. Vick came in numero uno. Well done and congrats to all! 

1st game against a new player called Daryl. 

A few of the guys on my left
Got some loot too. Got 5 plastic shield tokens and Ten Numb alternative art card. I had lots of fun and recommend anyone who has 1 hour between games to try it out. Also, there are few minis so carrying them around is a breeze.

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