Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eldar Jetbike Stand Magnetization WIP Update

Glue has dried so I decided to put the jetbike on the stand for a test run. And they work swell. Here are the pics! 

From this angle you can't really see the magnet. I will be painting the magnet black to hide it further

One you tilt the model you begin to see the joint which I plan to paint over and clean up

That's how strong the bond is. No glue, no camera tricks. 


Now to replicate this on all my jetbikes. 
Go forth and magnetize all ye people!

Also, this is part of my attempt to get my 1850 army ready for the Army Showcase that we are doing as a group. It's my 2014 Resolution too: to have a fully painted 1850 competitive army!

Footnote: those of you sharp enough would notice the almost complete Warp Spiders in the background. Full tutorial coming soon so stay tuned!

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