Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eldar Warp Spiders

They are shaping up to be one of my most favourite unit in the Eldar Codex now. Warp Spiders are amazing at taking down high toughness creatures, horde of enemies and even vehicles. A real toolbox unit. While they cannot be mounted in vehicles, their jet-pack carry them to safety fast after they have struck a critical blow to the enemy lines. They are my Hive Guard (5th edition codex) equivalent in Eldar.

So here they are, the work in progress for what I believe will be my favourite Eldar unit for 6th Edition.

Once I removed the mold lines, I soaked them in warm soap water to remove the release agent 

I prepare the base with lose sand and PVA, leave it for 24 hours and then hit it with a base primer of white
Unfortunately I got into quite  a painting frenzy and forgot to snap pictures along the way. 
You will notice that I paint in batches of 3. Basically some stages of the paint job require drying time as I use washes quite a lot. While waiting for the wash to dry on the first batch, I would move on to the second batch of 3, working through the same process. If the second batch needs to sit to dry, I then move on to the third batch, hence why they are at different stages of completion.

Almost done now. Just the gems, the heads and gun internals. 
I have gone for green warp channels. I have also changed the colours of their heads to whites instead of Bleached Bone. I still have to work the helmets up to white. Whites certainly look better than the bone colour which left them looking a little dirty.

Close up of the white conical head. Gems still WIP
I used the same formula which I used on my Guardians. Celestra Grey, Ulthuan Grey and Skull White, all in this combination of layers.

Finally completed the 8

Some close-up of the models on the left

Close up for the models on the right

Over head camera

Added green flock to the base

Didn't want to overdo it so kept the flock minimal
I hope you like it and as always comments are welcomed.

As the Spiders always hit the board at the start of the games, I have brought out the next 8 for painting. Here they are in Stage 1

Stage one - basecoat
Stay tuned as I complete them! 


  1. They are definitely the secret-weapon, although it's probably now safe to say 'sleeper-hit', of the Eldar Codex. I know a guy who runs 3 units of the things along with all Jetbikes and needless to day, they are a brutal and hard to kill force! Nice work on painting these....hard to believe these miniatures turn 20 this year!

    1. Thanks neverness! I have another list with 3 units of these Spiders. Never quite thought of adding more jetbikes. How many does he run? Do you have his army list or gist of it?

  2. Your Spiders are coming together very nicely! They look awesome together. Beauty and deadly firepower in one package ;)

    1. Thanks Sam! Means a lot coming from our Resident Painter! How I wish GW launched the plastic version of these guys. Would have made my day



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