Thursday, February 20, 2014

Basing the Revenant Titan

I finally made the decision to order myself one of these lovely Revenant Titans. While it is in the mail, I can't help but think how I am going to base him up. 

I have been scouring forums and pictures on the web and have concluded that I want the Titan to be based up on a round bevelled edge base, akin to our other 40k minis. While most modellers have used the pedestal that come from Bunnings/Wal Mart, I think the following picture captures what I want best. 

This is not my Titan but I do want to base mine on a base similar to the one above
Alternatively I would like to secure the base which is used by the painter below: 
The base captures the size and balance of the model properly

Pose wise, I will be going for this guy's idea:

Shows off the nimble and graceful Titan's move.

The few options that I have considered are:

  1. - which sell 200mm base blanks, which seem to be the largest in the industry - $20 per piece + shipping
  2. - GBP9 + shipping
  3. - 120mm but really nice. $10 per piece + shipping
What is the right size I should target?

I am reaching out to you, my readers if you know of any good suggestions especially if you have done this prior. Appreciate any ideas. 

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