Monday, February 3, 2014

Warlock and Farseer on Jetbike WIP

Added more layers to the Warlock on Jetbike. I have also added the colour block-in for my banner. Added in the highlight for the jetbike carapace with Pink Horror. I was surprised because I used a simple drybrush technique and the end result was actually very smooth. I was half expecting it to come out flaky but because I used very thin layers, the gradient was very pleasing. Pink Horror has a slight orange tinge to it so if you are thinking of doing the same for Craftworld Altansar, you've been warned! 

The gentle drybrush. This was layer 1.

Started washing in the base colours for the back banner

While the jetbike was drying, I started using the new smaller diameter magnets for my Night Goblins. 
Focussed on the bike and got the carapace done up. Also added the highlights to the gems. 

More angles to show the drybrush to the carapace. 

Added gentle gradients to the wing tips and blocked in the colours for the Lion Banner

Started blocking out colours for my Farseer on Jetbike

Underside of the cape is Bleached Bone
I have to own up though. This post was created awhile ago but I forgot to publish it for some reason (this was done prior to my Guardian repaint). I have resolved to change the Bleached Bone parts to pure white similar to my Guardians to create the clean look. Once I have done this, I will put the photos up for you to enjoy! 

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