Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WIP Eldar: Crimson Hunter and Dire Avengers

I skipped 4th Edition of 40k altogether and I was told that the Dire Avengers were awesome then. I did love the models as I thought they were so much nicer than the standard Guardians so before GW repacked them into boxes of 5 and jacked up the price twice (making it effectively 4 times more expensive), I picked up 3 boxes to give me a total of 30 models. 

I would most likely field them in units of 10 giving me 3 strong Troops for my midfield. I would then support them with Guardians and Jetbikes. I am still working on the army list at the moment but those are the few builds swimming in my head at the moment. 

Layer by layer 
So while I worked on my Crimson Hunter, I partner it with my Dire Avengers. As I did not have an airbrush, I had to use thin layers of Warlock Purple on the Crimson Hunter, layer by layer. As the Crimson Hunter was drying, I would then clean the Dire Avengers parts and glue them model by model. 

Completed the entire unit within the space of 2 hours. Not bad considering I scrape each and every mould line out

While doing that I kept going back to my Crimson Hunter hitting it with another thin layer and waiting for it to dry

Based up the Dire Avengers with sand before I hit them with the primer of white. 
Here's a top tip for you. If you are planning to base your minis with sand, always base your models before the primer. The primer helps to seal the sand in and is much easier to drybrush at a later stage. Since I use PVA to glue the sand down as my basing material, I do not risk losing the basing material when I later hit it with paints since the primer seals the PVA in.

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