Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eldar Warlock and Farseer on Jetbike Conversions

Jetbikes are good in our Codex and certainly well worth taking hence I started looking at models for Farseer and Warlock. The following are some pictures I found which I intend to use as a guide to develop my own conversion. 

The real idea behind this is to use the existing models as far and using as much plastics as possible. 

I like the side fins on Jes' prototype, very reminscent of the current Eldar flyers. He also took the standard Guardian vanes and sculpted it on the back of the bike
Front view of the same
Compact underbody

I like this option since it used the Guardian bits coupled with a jetbike model. Not sure if this works as Farseer but maybe as a Warlock. 

Side view of the same
This was actually the closest I have found that actually captures my original Farseer on Jetbike. Kinda like a chariot for an Egyptian Pharoah. Execution is good. 
This is probably the simplest "conversion". Magnetize the Farseer on the base and you have both him on the jetbike and on foot. 

Some people around the net has been using the older Dark Eldar bikes as Eldar jetbikes too but I am planning to stay away from that right now. I do prefer the rounded canopy that the Eldar designs carry.

Keep posted. I will keep looking for more inspiration pieces.

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