Monday, April 29, 2013

Dust Warfare Stat Cards

So if you are like me and got into Dust recently but would like those really nice cards that come with Dust Tactics, you must be asking yourself, "I wish I had those". I spent some time looking around for alternatives but finally came across one which was just pure brilliance. 

Over on FFG Dust Warfare forums, 536RodneySmith has been putting together awesome stat cards for our beloved game. It captures all the stats and special rules, putting them in one easy to find place. Since I have been asked a number of times where I got them and how I did mine, it inspired me to create a tutorial to make nice cards. 

First go download the cards you are seeking at FFG Forums where you will find the link for a Dropbox album. This has all the units from the Dust Warfare Main Rulebook.

Once at Dropbox, I just downloaded each stat card that I needed. Here are some samples of the cards:

With the newer units from Zverograd, you will find the stat cards which Dakkon and KevinBakon put together in here. Awesome work from everyone involved.

Really handy when these units are so new. A page entry showing where  you can find it's original rules
I then pop them all open in Picasa 3 (which is awesome to manage all your photos BTW) and print them out. I used a set of 4 in 9cm by 13cm.

9cm x 13cm Crop to Fit, a set of 4
Once this is printed, all you have to do is go out and buy some card protectors. I got myself these from a local stationery store for S$1.50 each. They are hard so they do not bend and have a heft to it which I like. I got 15 pieces of them and slipped each of the stat cards into them.

Japanese brand called Card Case size B7

Unit represented! 

Now when I play, I have easy access to them without having to flip my rulebook and expansion books. Yay!

Just yesterday I was using them for a 3-way game! Batrep this way

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