Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dust Warfare 400AP 3-Way Battle

Went down to Battle Bunker at Funan today to meet with Drayson who was teaching Daniel the game. Fauzi came after that. Since there were 3 of us, we decided to do a 3-way battle. The scenario is called Breaking Point from Operation Zverogard. 

400AP aside, we had 5 turns to get into each other deployment zones. 

Fauzi was the opportunist. His objective was to get into either of Drayson or my deployment zone. Each unit in our deployment zones were worth 1 point. Fauzi gets continuous reinforcements and can enter the table from any point beyond 12" of enemy units. 

Drayson and myself were defender and attacker. We both needed to get into each others' deployment zone. Each unit in the other persons deployment zone is worth 2 points. 

I brought the standard 400AP list that I have been dying to practice with. So far I have only managed to get 1 game in with Abby

My corner 2 feet x 18". Fauzi deployed wide and Drayson went into his corner. You can see his Mao Zedong's in the corner of the picture

Deployment from high top

Mao Zedong's in the first Command Phase opens up on Fauzi's Rocketmen

I advance my Fledermaus in the 1st Turn into Fauzi's Medium Walker. The rest of my army opens up on his Rocketmen

I sent my apes into the building to my right early game

Very brave drop troops deploy in the open right against the Mao Zedongs

Swivel guns, aim, FIRE!

Fauzi was trying to sandwhich Drayson in, keeping his tanks in the corner

Fauzi advances his Rocketpunch guys into the building with Yakof. When Yakof opens up, Fauzi reacts by FLEEING!

Drayson's Assault Squad of the SSU disembark from the tanks and opens on Fauzi's Phaser men, putting more suppression

Meanwhile the rear of Drayson's army go to work on Fauzi's other unit

Fled voluntarily from combat. 

Exchanging fire, each side took quite a toll.

Fauzi managed to remove 2 of my men on the left while I kept jamming more suppression tokens on his men. His Medium 4 shoots at my Fledermaus but does no damage. I then reacted and open up on his Medium 4 taking it out. Fauzi drops in his Deathreapers and shoots at the Fledermaus destroying it. 

The Konighsluter opens up on the Blackhawk and it was DOWN. The rest of my army goes to work on his Deathreapers leaving only the hero

In my turn 2 I advanced all units as much as possible into cover. And I needed to be in Drayson's deployment zone to win hence the assault component of my army was moving up enmasse

Yakoff was waiting

Drayson managed to remove one of Fauzi's unit in the open and put a crapload of suppression on the other. 

Hero moves in to try to flame by men and in return cops it when the unit of 3 Recon Grenadiers at the front took his last wound out! 

Action Jackson and gang keep exchanging fire with Drayson's SSU at the back

Kill that hero NOW!

Blitzkrieg my Konigsluther for 6" move and used the snipers to take out a few of his men

Snap snap

While this two open up on Fauzi's unit at this table edge, leaving 1 guy so that they can't respawn

Look out for the dice o DOOM!

Drayson reacts to the Apes going into the building taking one of them down

Fauzi moves up the Rocketmen to kill off my Spotter

Battle Grenadiers and stat card in action. Super handy in games

Fauzi ditches Drayson and chooses to chew on my Sturmpionere squad instead. 

While we were unable to conclude the game to Turn 5, this was the last shot at start of Turn 4. The shop was closing and it was 10PM. We all had to go home too. The only downside to 3 player games is that it takes a very long time as 3 players make their decisions. It is however nice because it's a lot of fun with a load of backstabbing going on. I do however need more practice with his list. Next week, I will play 1v1 at 400AP.

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