Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Batrep: 1750 Tyranids vs Space Marines + Imperial Guard

Managed to get a 1750 game in with Daniel of Battle Bunker yesterday. He is one of the staff at Battle Bunker and I have seen him playing a number of games with other patrons so I thought it would be good to get in a game with the friendly guy. 

He brought an odd mix of Space Marines and Imperial Guard. Here is a gist of his list:
  1. Leman Russ Battle Tank
  2. 2 Vanquishers
  3. 1 large squad of Guardsmen - circa 30 men
  4. 2 Primaris Psykers - one being his Warlord and the other a secondary psyker
  5. 1 Vendetta
  6. 1 Stormraven 
  7. 2 units of Space Marines - 10 men each with meltagun, missile launcher and Captain
My list remains quite unchanged since my last game:

Tyrant with Wings, 2x Brain Leech Devourers, Old Adversary +2 Pyshic Powers (Warlord)
Tyrant with Wings, 2x Brain Leech Devourers, +2 Pyshic Powers

Doom of Malantai in Mycetic Spore
Hive Guard x3
Hive Guard x3

Termagant x11
Termagant x10
Tervigon, Catalyst
Tervigon, Catalyst

Fast Attack
Gargoyle x20

Heavy Support

I still needed lots of practice with this list so thought I would just use them till I found a crack then try to fix/tweak it. 

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Deployment: Lengthwise (I can't remember the name - doh!)

Warlord Traits:
Tyranids: Warlord can capture objectives
Imperials: Night Fight if they want it - which Dan chose not to have

Pysker powers:
Tyranids: Biomancy
Warlord: Endurance and Leech

Rolled 1 extra objective for a total of 3. I got the first choice so plopped down 2 with Dan going first to select table halves. First turn to Dan. I put 2 of my Gant units in Reserves together with my Doom of Malantai.

Long deployment. 3 Objectives, 1 in my half, 1 in Dan's half, 1 in the middle of the forest

Heavy right hook. Tervi hidden in the building 

Trygon took a wound in Dan's first turn of shooting, I lose 2 Hive Guard from the building up north

Surge my army forward. Took a gamble with my Tyrant who was flying high (swooping) to shoot as much as possible into his large unit. Surprisingly Dan's dice Gods were smiling on him. He took only 5 wounds from a combined might of 3 units. -.-. Managed to take 2 Hull Points off of the Vindicator to the South

Dan's turn 2: took out my Hive Tyrant when the Vendetta came in. He poured everything into the poor Tyrant

A unit of Space Marines came in at the same time

Drama shot

More drama action shots

Nids turn 3 saw the Doom of Malantai coming in and sucking souls off from a number of units. Slurp!

Surged my army forwards to try to engage the IG to keep the guns from hitting me. Dan fled after 1 round of shooting - voluntary fallback. Smart tactical move denying me any chance of hiding within close combat.

The Trygon wastes no time in getting into combat with the Vanquisher

After destroying the Vendetta, the Hive Tyrant was engaged by the unit of 10 who was in Reserves

Turn 4 of Dan's turn saw the Stormraven coming in and ripping my Trygon a new one

I had to send my Tervigon on the left of this pic back to bring the Gants into line. Casted Feel No Pain on both Tervigons and advanced on the objectives.

Managed to kill off but one! 

The combat comtinues. He had 10 wounds now. Mmmmm

Turn 5: The newly arrived Terminators dropped and engaged the Doom taking it out. They also managed to kill off this Tervigon and in the process taking out another brood of Gants
 Mental note: The Brood Progenitor rule is 6" not 12"...

End game at Turn 5 - we called it here
I managed to destroy the Stormraven with the Hive Guard combined firepower. 

Total VP: 
Tyranids: Objective 3, Heavy 1x4, Line Breaker 1, Slay the Warlord 1 = 9
Imperials: Objective 3, Heavy 1, Slay the Warlord 1, First Blood 1 = 6

Great game with a relaxed player. Was my list too hard? I don't know, I still believe this is the only list that gives me a chance of winning - also maybe because I am familiar with it. It is also my focus for painting as I slowly complete the units bringing me to 1750. 

I hope you enjoyed it and certainly do welcome the "Follow" as it keeps me doing it!


  1. Keep rocking with your Tyranids.

    1. Thanks Alvin! I want to see your batreps as well! Actually we should do a tag team game and feature it on both our blogs. How are your games like these days? I haven't seen you put up batreps.

  2. Congrats on the win. Hard-list? no only the DOM is irritating... Guess you only lost to Sam so far hahahaha?



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