Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dust Warfare - April 2013 Tournament - Game 2 of 3

Having been soundly beaten in the first game I was a little deflated and thought to myself, "let's just play and have fun". No more competitive me. And then I played with Drayson who is a strong advocate for the game on our Facebook page. He is so passionate about the game he puts me to shame. He even created a display board for his SSU. 

So we rolled on the tables and this is what we got:
Mission: Centre point objective - total the number of wounds within 12" diameter from the centre point of the table. The one with the most wins
Deployment: opposite quarters 16" into the table
Conditions: None

The deployment method was new to me but I can adjust. SSU however was something I was totally unfamiliar with. Did not realise how powerful the choppers were until mid-game. Wow they are strong. Read on! 

Kept most of my infantry hidden in the buildings. Ludwig to provide covering fire
My strategy was simple. Sit back, destroy the walkers then mop up with melee apes.

Had to split my force so put a squad of Battle Grenadiers, Zombies and Strumpionere on this end. Then I realised I cannot even dent that chopper. DOH! 

This was somewhere Turn 2. Advanced most of my stuff into the crater to protect the Heinrich. My firebase was still in the building

Drayson's table quarter. He did make a booboo here as the Walker could not pass through the door! GrandMa survives on 1 wound after I put in a round of Sustain Fire from my Ludwig

Drayson swoops in to kill some men while the scuttle for their lives! Ironic the Zombies managed to run the furthest.

Heinrich goes in to try to save the 2nd Platoon making it's way back to my lines. Recon Grenadiers moving up to capture the mid-point

Sent in the Zombies into his Chinese Volunteers but he got the first shot on me

Dead Zombies. That made no sense...

Drayson managed to wipe out a unit of Apes before I destroyed both his walkers plus the embarked men (he had 2 units of 5 hitching a ride on those walkers). This was the turning point of the game. 

I still could not deal with the choppers. Managed to ping off one wound from the chopper on the left

Chugged along quickly to capture the mid objective

Game ends at Turn 4 again due to time constraints. 
Drayson was a fair and gracious opponent. He never gave his plan away but he would walk through what his units were capable of. Did I mention he also walked away with Best Painted? 

My tally now: 1 Win, 1 Loss

This game showed me the importance of anti-air or better still, air superiority. I am definitely getting my hands on the flyer. 

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