Monday, April 8, 2013

Dust Warfare - April 2013 Tournament - Game 1 of 3

Fauzi organised a 300AP Dust Warfare Tournament on the 7th of April. We had 8 players who registered and turned up for the event. A good turn out for our budding group of players. 

Between the wedding and the Singapore Paintball Series (speedball tournament), I did not manage to finish painting all my units and playtest my army. Was really attending because Fauzi pushed the tournament back to April due to my wedding! So I did not have high hopes for this one. 

The following is a brief report of the games I had with my opponents. Some of the battles only went to Turn 4 as time forced us to finish up quickly. 

Note to self: smaller armies work better in tournaments with a strict schedule. Must look at smaller armies. 

This is the list that I brought to the tournament:

Dust Warfare - Force Builder Faction: Axis ( 295 / 300 ) 

Dust Warfare - Force Builder
Faction: Axis ( 300 / 300 )

---  Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (174)
Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25)
1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26)
2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)
3rd Section: Recon Grenadiers (17)
4th Section: Recon Grenadiers (17)
Support: LPW I-A "Heinrich" (20)
Support: MPW II-B "Ludwig" (40)
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12)

---  Blutkreuz Platoon (126)
Upgrade: Improved Command (5)
Command Section: Sturmpioniere (25)
1st Section: Axis Zombies (19)
2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)
3rd Section: Axis Gorillas (24)
4th Section: Axis Gorillas (24)
Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12)

First game I drew was with Shum who brought a smaller Ally army replete with the Punisher aka the Tick. That pest was impossible for me to hurt since I did not bring a Heavy Walker to the tourney. He also brought a ton of Inf3 which was hard for me to deal with. 

Mission: Annihilation - you get one point for each unit you killed
Deployment: 9" from the table edge
Conditions: None

Here are some pics to show you how the game went. 

Hid everything I could in the area terrain. Planned to use the Apes to take on the Punisher from this flank. Forgot that Jump Packs allowed Shum to redeploy enmasse super fast. 

While the rest of my army clumped in the middle. Kept my Walkers hidden behind the building on the left so that his Punisher could not take them out. 
My initial plan was to kill off as many Inf3 using my 2 units of Sinpers and my Ludwig. Once I generate enough points I would then switch to luring Shum in. Then I forgot my plan...

Left flank Punisher

Majority of his army was in the middle. Shum made good use of the Jetpacks to lure my army into the centre and then ditching it at the last minute, concentrating all on his right flank, my left.

Cautiously I advanced keeping out of range from his Punisher

Overview of the battlescape

Moved my 2nd unit of Apes up into the ruins to threaten his Punisher while the rest kept hidden

Left flank advanced. Lost my Sniper here to the Long Tom. 

And then Shum does the shuffle, both on the table and in real life. Both equally irritating =D

By then I was committed to the left flank. In hindsight I should have let Shum move up

Wow they are packed in so tight. Wish we had templates in this game

Shum tries to reach my Heinrich

So after demolishing most of my units, this is what the game looked like Turn 4
The game ended at Turn 4 owing to lack of time. Shum played well and used his army well. I learnt a lot about my own army in this first encounter.

Shum won 6-1. Ouch.

I was on 0 Wins, 1 Loss.

More to come. 

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