Thursday, August 11, 2011

space marine terrain base wip pt.2

More updates on my space marine base. I've decided to turn my dark angels fortress of redemption kit into a series of fortified positions so that when used in games, the kit provides a bit more saturated large area terrains which doesn't simply take up space in a corner somewhere. Graduualy I'll be incorporating more and more of GW terrain bits into the foundations I've developed with the pink insulation foam

I think what makes a battlefield set up interesting is when the pieces can be used practically for gaming purposes as well as being aesthetically pleasing. From what I know, we've been running some titan and super heavy battles at our Hong Kong store recently and I know the boys have been complaining about not enough cover for larger scale models so here I am again contributing my share into the hobby.


  1. Great idea, also gives you a lot more for what you have spent as the foam is relatively cheap and customisable into larger shapes without eating up precious plastic!

    I'll be following your progress for sure.

  2. Nice work there fortress of redemption with mod. Highly await the finished product.



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